Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Creating Time

My classes are dwindling down and the time of the great art experience should begin!  Somehow however, it seems I am busier and struggling to get into the studio.  Funny how when you know you only have two hours to create  it is clear exactly what to do with those two hours,  and when you have six hours, you do your grocery shopping, you go to the gym.  With 2 hours I'm clear -  tonight's dinner is peanut butter and butter ( sounds gross but that's considered a delicacy in my home).  Six hours and suddenly I'm making lentil stew and home made bread.  My fingers ache with the need to paint.  My resolve is to make every day a two hour day!


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  2. Julie, this is terrific - I totally relate. Thanks for posting. Erin www.eringafill.com